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Redcat Rampage TT

Long Island, NY - SRD Motorsports
Below is a blog I wrote a year ago when I first got my Redcat Rampage TT. After reading today I decided to add it to my page, hope you enjoy it!

First Impressions!

Make: Redcat
Model: Rampage TT
Class: 1/5th Scale
Type: ARTR – (comes with receiver battery, charger, throttle/brake servo, steering servo; you need to add transmitter/receiver)

I present to you the ultimate RC basher, the best thing since the Baja! Well which came first? 

Anyway the Redcat Rampage comes in two flavors MT or TT. I am a truck guy and most of the rampage community have purchased the MT but I am also a big race fan and I like handling so I chose the TT; plus I like to be different.

At just over 29 inches long, weighing in at 33 lbs and powered by a CY 23cc two stroke gas engine, the rampage TT is the ultimate beast! Now I know you’re impressed by those stats but what’s more impressive is starting this beast; the TT fired on the second pull of the starter cord; nitro guy’s welcome to easy. Like me, most of us nitro guys refused to layout the cash and go big but this RTR is an affordable package that will change all that!


Starting: The weather has been crappy here in the NE this winter (well since I got the TT 3 weeks ago) so I took the downtime to mod some things from all the bench testing I was doing. I will list mods later; so 2/1/09 the temp reach 40 degs with a light wind and it’s like a spring day around here everybody is out. I packed up theTT with the boys and headed down to the beach for the break-in. For fuel I am using Amsoil and Sonoco 91 octane. As mentioned above she fired on the second pull of the starter cord and idled strong. I heat cycled the CY for the first half tank then hit the ground for some half throttle fun!

Accel/Braking: So with a big smile on my face so far “you have to love the sound and sell of your car running there’s nothing like it”; the TT accelerates smooth from a stand still the stock clutch and spring combo seems fine for easy play. The 4WD setup puts the power to the ground efficiently without getting theTT out of shape. So with my pretend track lines, the on and off power steering is good going in and coming out of the corners. Next is the brakes and with my cable brake mod the feel is smooth and easy you can push the trigger hard or easy and the system slows the TT nicely. During the run I did not notice and fade at all.

Handling: So my day of testing (fun) was short lived as I was running later and the wife was calling so I did not have a chance to really lay into the TT. I was able to get some small jumps in over some short piles of snow and the TT loves to jump, even getting out of shape the TT always landed on all fours. I will continue the performance testing the next time out!

Modification from stock:
Rampage upgrade kit
Aluminum gear plate
Steel drive gears 35x25x25x25
HPI axle boots
Custom axle spaces
Drilled brake disc and milled flat
New fuel lines
Custom fuel line supports
Hitec steering servo
Hitec throttle servo
New stainless steel hardware

My break-in video:

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