Monday, January 4, 2010

How to kill your engine?

If you have been in R/C for a while like I have then you know why it it important to kill your engine!

In today's R/C world there are more and more large scale cars being sold and not all of then are running on race tracks. Most R/C cars can be found running down your local street, in public parks and beaches with tons on onlookers who could get hurt.

Well Killer RC has the large scale crowd covered with a great lineup of kill switches for your large scale engine:

"Welcome to Killer RC, the home of killer parts for your RCs. Keep control of your gas RC with the Killer Bee kill switch kits. Increase the life of your suspension with Killer Kables. Shave weight off of your RC and improve servo performance with our LiFe battery packs."

Checkout Killer RC on the link below:

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