Thursday, January 21, 2010

EDM Racing 2010!

Long Island, NY - SRD Motorsports

What's up all, it's been crazy and no update added :(

Well I have been busy with all the different racing we do at SRD Motorsports and with trying to get 2010 off to a good start my hands are full. So this post is about a great unique racing series I will be focused on this year in upstate NY called EDM.

EDM describes the style of body being used in the class. The series is a 1/5th spec series using the KM Baja, stock 23cc motor, tarmac tires and the EDM body and bumpers. I am getting a download on all the rules and the track next week when I will make a visit up top.

As the season draws closer and the prep work starts my plan is to detail my racing experience for the whole season!

Check out the EDM racing action from the 2009 Hostile Baja fest:

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