Monday, January 4, 2010

Can KM beat HPI in racing?

Winterville NC,

On Sunday January 3, 2010 RCU forum poster morespeed went racing to answer the question above. Morespeed attended a local race in North Carolina and entered into two classes, 1/10th scale short course and 1/5th scale gas off road.

After just receiving his KM T1000 a few weeks ago, he pulled it form the box broke-in the motor and went racing bone stock, except for replacing the shock oil; a true R/C'er. Heres what he had to say:

"Well, took my Baja truck to a local track in the next town over and entered it in the race, I raced the slash & Baja truck race.

I was the only clone Baja out there too. I’ve raced one time before with my slash out there and this time was my first time ever driving a Baja truck because I just got it, out come was really bad.

I went unprepared and made no adjustments to it ran it right out of the box. did change the shock oil that’s all. My KM body is almost broke in half, steering servo was locking up on me, the rear shocks blew out, and the front body post mounts are broke maybe cause it was like 35 degrees out.

like I said, I never even adjusted nothing on it or had it in dirt yet; I think I ran like right at 1 tank full of gas before this. in the yard.
sorry km guys, I’ll have my stuff right next time,but I do have pictures of it. "

Me: No need to apologize as it was a win for the KM camp; first place! After the race heres what he said about the competition;

"oh I forgot, it was a 5B5T CLASS all at one time together. all the HPI'S were modified too. mine was stock. KM CLONE ruled the track today. out of the box stock, sorry HPI maybe next time.........

I can't say nothing bad about those guys, because they never said one bad thing about my truck, they all came over and looked at it and said they really liked it a lot."

Me: So they say let the picture speak for themselves; great result morespeed keep racing strong. Morespeed also documented some of his issues and upcoming fixes form the day;

"Few things to improve:
1st, Get some shock strap limiters. a must do.

2nd, Replace the axle boots with, I forgot what they are called but it's the heavy duty thick ones from some company the guys at the track are saying.

3rd, Fix the dang steering servo problem. almost cost me the race, Rhino may be my next one from what I’ve heard.
4th, Replace seals with really good ones or upgrade shocks. When mine leaked out I looked like a jack rabbit running around the track; almost cost me the race also too.
5th, I’ll let you know when that "


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