Monday, January 4, 2010

KM Clutch Holder Replacement!

Long Island, NY - SRD Garage

Welcome to Scale Racing Development Motorsports and my first parts review for the KM T1000. 

SRD Motorsports was created last year as my team for all model car racing series. So far we have been successful with our 1/24th scale Slot Car group racking up wins!

This blog is as titled, I was able to pickup a King Motor hop up the other day and I wanted to spot-light it. The stock clutch holder that comes on the HPI Baja and KM T1000 is plastic and a known weak spot.

The clutch holder from KM is machined aluminum and anodized in the tucks orange color. The part look to be manufactured well with no rough spots or fouled hole openings. In the pics below are a shot of the new part and a comparison of the stock and new part:

When replacing the clutch holder get ready to work, as I have found to do any work on this truck you need to remove a lot of parts to get at what you’re doing. Steps to replacement;

1. Remove the right rear wheel, I use it as a stand to hold up the rear of the truck
2. Remove the plastic upper right side body mount (body clips to remove)
3. Remove the plastic right side lower protector (body clips to remove)
4. Remove the right rear body post (two machined screws bottom access 3mm head)
5. Remove the rear orange engine mount plate (two machined screws side access 3mm head)
6. Remove the plastic pinion/spur gear cover (two body clips top & bottom)
7. Remove c-clip holding spur gear on shaft, and then remove spur gear
8. Remove spur gear plate (four machined screws 3mm head)
9. Remove the two screws at the top of the brake support (this will drop the plastic holding the shaft bearing)
10. Remove the three screws on the clutch holder (4mm head; hold on the purple spacers as you will need them for reassembly)
11. To remove the pinion gear I used channellocks with pads on the teeth to hold the pinion gear and used a 3mm driver to remove the screw holding it.
12. Remove the front and rear stock bearing in the clutch holder as you will need them for reassembly

Now for reassembly back track through the process above using the stock parts I mentioned. Now don't forget to use thread lock on all your metal to metal parts or they might come loose later. I use Permatex medium and it works pretty good.

The installed part;

Time will tell how well the KM part holds up and looking at it, it might just last!
P.s. Be sure to install the gear cover clip pictured below, if you put it in backwards it will rub against the spur gear; I wonder how I knew that!


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