Sunday, September 4, 2011

STRC Slash Conversion, is it a winner?

This entry is for the STRC Slash 2WD conversion kit and it is sweet. I received and installed this kit last October and the installation is easy.

Here's what you need for the conversion:

Slash 2WD Kit (you should have this already)
STRC Conversion
Rustler Lower Chassis
Rustler Upper Chassis
Rustler Battery Hold-Down

With the above you have every thing you need to complete this conversion, STRC also has detailed instructions on their site. I am very impressed with this kit and I recommend anyone racing their Slash in stock class and looking to move into the modified class, give this kit a serious look as it is a winner in my opinion.

From the first pull of the throttle the chassis rolls out low and smooth, ready to attack the track. Jumping with this new chassis setup is also much improved over the stock setup as it flies level and is very responsive to your throttle input while in the air. I was able to get a full hour session on track with this kit and what a difference, there is no comparison to the stock Slash at all. Everyone at the track was was impressed with the quality, fit, finish and drive ability of this conversion. One top racer said "it handles like a pro kit" and to be honest, "I think so too". 

Here are some photos:

So whether you are racing on track or bashing around the backyard, do not hesitate to give this kit a try as it will take your stock Slash and make it a precision machine!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your article. This is an nice kit. You should check out the hpi 5t Baja series. Very affordable and runs right out of the box!