Saturday, August 1, 2009

1/8th Scale Electric?

Electric 1/8th scale is gaining momentum fast right now but is this for real of just a phase? With all the improvements in the electric power market brushless motor systems and LIPO batteries this segment is hot!

In today’s current R/C racing scene in the US 1/8th scale nitro is the top class of racing. As mentioned before the improvements in the electric power market 1/8-E is on par with the speed of its nitro brother and sometimes more powerful.

Right now we have E-conversion kits to choose from to turn your nitro breather into an e-monster. In addition there are also a lot of new brushless esc/motor systems, and new more powerful LIPO batteries, so getting started can be confusing. I want to take some time to look at this growing segment and do the conversion vs. ground-up debut; when will the first e1/8 th scale chassis design come out and who will be the first company to do it!

One of my new favorite classes in R/C racing is the Short Course (SC) class started by the Traxxas Slash and now adopted into ROAR specification. This class is also growing quickly with a number of 1/10th scale electric chassis to choose from, now we have 1/8th scale nitro (SC) chassis as well.

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